The venue was still full to the brim after forty minutes of improvisation by these two ‘incredible’ musicians. Forty minutes of gracefulness, of surprises, with an audience happy to let itself be taken on a voyage through bewitching sounds and textures” (Alter1nfo)

A revelation for the Sourdoreille festival. We were familiar with most of the other performers, but Mr Loup Barrow was new and stood out from the rest.” (Sourdoreille)



At the moment, there are only a dozen people in the world that know how to play the Cristal. Here, the French Loup Barrow has offered us a magnificent demonstration. Superb and fascinating !” (La Croix magazine)



As a sound creating enthusiast… Loup Barrow aims to incorporate this obscure style of music into today’s genres” (France Culture)



When you see this young man arriving, it’s hard to picture him caressing glass stems. Built like a rugbyman, it’s a relief to discover an author and a composer who does not lack in sensibility” (Tranzistor)


Flawless. The all-star band Locus Solus Orchestra, led by Loup Barrow” (Imprimerie Nocturne)

He has truly become an adept of the Cristal, he makes it the central element of his compositions. His atypical career has made him a very experienced artist, comfortable playing various styles of music. His virtuosity and his talent as a composer make him a fascinating artist who attracts other musicians looking for new and interesting sounds and a fresh musical experience.” (Antipode)


The art of gesture, the craft of melodies, and an introspective quest: the key to the universe of Loup Barrow resides probably in the conjunction of these three experiences and in his playing, the way he toys with resonance and sonority and manages to sew a link between the incredible, almost supernatural beauty of the sound and the depth of his own soul” (Les Tombées de la Nuit)…

A moment of magic in perspective, with a perfect performance of Cristal Baschet by Loup Barrow” (Le Telegramme)



Loup Barrow lives his music ‘like a quest’ since he fell in love with instruments like the Cristal Baschet, the Dulcimer or the Hang drum” (France 3 Bretagne)



The evening started with a performance of Cristal Baschet, taking guests to a musical journey in vast desert landscapes, while observing the sun set on the Eiffel Tower” (Formavision)