The album Immineo is an album that conveys a solid concept of dramaturgy. Loup Barrow signs a contemporary epic where nothing is what it seems.

Loup composed the album in 2022, while living for a few months in Finistère (Pen ar Bed: The end of the world), a department in Brittany at the western tip of France. From his walks at dawn on a wild coast battered by the elements, Loup draws a mystical inspiration.

Each piece is a call to transcendence, a quest, a sense of wonder in front of the world. The intimate is embodied in the universal thanks to the palette of harmonic and rhythmic colours that this composer masters with ardour.

The art of Loup Barrow is to compose an album exposing musically our paradoxes, our dreams, our losses, our internal struggles and our bitter sweetness. The listener is immersed in the powerful sound of the orchestra working in osmosis with the rich harmonics of the Cristal Baschet. The slow tempo of the pieces invites introspection and deep listening. By signing Immineo, Loup Barrow invites us to follow him in a versatile and unique musical world.

Loup signs with Los Angeles-based Eternal Music Group, under the Sonic Ritual label, which specializes in film scores and trailers. Loup composes and orchestrates an album in which the Cristal Baschet is used, for the first time, as a solo instrument in a symphony orchestra of 64 musicians.

Release of the album Immineo on the Sonic Ritual label.